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Wedding Event Planner

Are you thinking of having a wedding? A good wedding planner will help you to ensure everything runs as expected. Event planners are the backbone of every successful event.

When You Say I Do

 A wedding day is not only a day to say, "I do" but it is also a momentous day to bring out who you are as a couple. For that reason, everyone wishes to have a smooth running, well organized and a memorable wedding. A couple who wants to have a smooth running and a successful wedding ceremony needs to work with experienced professionals. A wedding planner is an individual with skills and experienced in organizing and overseeing all the logistics to ensure a successful day.

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What Does A Wedding Planner Do?

An experienced wedding planner will help you with the designing, planning, and management of your wedding. They have to carry out the following duties to ensure you have a flawless event on your incredible day.

  • Plan and meet with your vendors

  • Help you to come up with a reasonable and affordable budget

  • Coordinate the activities of the day, including transportation and hotel rooms

  • Attends and coordinates everything on the wedding day

  • Full Service

    A full service wedding planner will do almost everything about your wedding. The expert will plan and be involved with everything you need to make your event a success. The complete full service wedding planner package has a lot in it. A reliable planner will begin the journey with you and work with you throughout the entire process. The first person to consult soon after engagement and the last one you will work with when sending thank you cards is your full service wedding planner

    A full-service wedding planner should help you choose vendors, venues, and when contracting service providers for your great day. The expert should prepare the timelines for you and provide a checklist to ensure everything is running smoothly. It is the work of the full-service wedding planner to:

  •  Help you identify the priorities, draw the budget and monitor it.

  • Come up with a list of both the ceremony and reception venues.

  • Help you prepare the timelines and checklists and coordinate them as well as helping you to identify the priorities, and draw and monitor your budget.

  • Recommend vendors to you and guide on making the right choice and also carry out the negotiations and book services for you.

  • Review your contracts and manage your vendors.

  • Come up with creative designs and wedding schemes and oversee them and track the guest invitations and room preservations.

  • Coordinate the transportation, accommodation and offer any special services like child care services.

  • Assist with documentation, including marriage licenses and other documentations for overseas wedding.

  • Meet and work with vendors, attend all their meetings and confirm with each of them before the wedding day.

  • Confirm and coordinating with vendors on-site and all service delivery experts during the wedding day, acting as the point of contact.

  • Ensure proper wedding rehearsal and provide professional guidance, offer consultation and confirm wedding details appropriately.

  • Provide assistants to ensure everything is covered during the wedding day to give you peace of mind on your incredible day. That should include directing the set up of the ceremony and reception venues and also guiding the wedding processional.

  • Ensure proper set up of the necessary accessories like the guest book, and place cards among others and guide the wedding party, the family and guests and act as a point of contact for everyone.

  • Make final payment to all the vendors and service providers and deal with anything unforeseen during the day and ensure a good closure and end of the day.

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    Partial Planning

    While a full-service wedding planner begins with you on day one, a partial wedding planner comes in the last moments of your wedding preparations. In most cases, partial planners are hired a month before the wedding or any other time close to the D-day. A partial wedding planner does the finishing work after the couple has come up with most of the things they want to do.

    The expert will make sure the day runs smoothly and that everyone works out their assignment. Most of the work involves confirmations that everything is as it is set, including venues, and service providers, among others. The partial planner gathers the information and the details planned by the client, create timelines, and run the ceremony rehearsal before the wedding day. The expert is the one who is responsible for running the events of the day.


    How Much Does a Wedding Planner Cost in Canada or the USA?

    Wedding services are not under any supervisory body, and therefore the service provider charges are not regulated. However, there is no wedding like the other. There is also no fixed price for the wedding planners as several factors determine the price. One, it will depend on whether you are asking for full-service wedding planning or partial services. On average the wedding planning in Canada costs about $2000 while an average couple in the USA can pay around $1500.



    Cost Breakdown

    Here is a suggested breakdown of the wedding cost based on your budget:

    • Wedding beauty and attire should not be more than 5%

    • Entertainment including music 10%

    • Flowers should not be more than 10%

    • Photography together with videographer 15%

    • Catering and the venue should carry 40%

    • Transportation, favors, and gifts should be 5%

    • Stationery and Decor 13%

    • The cake should be 2%

    The Day of the Coordinators

    A day of wedding coordinator is a person charged with overseeing everything on the wedding day. The purpose of the coordinator is to ensure vendors are running their responsibilities perfectly. They also manage the timelines and see to it that all the unexpected challenges are well addressed. They provide a smooth running of the day.

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    Is a Wedding Planner worth it?

    The answer depends on the couple. Anyone who has no idea about planning a wedding will need some advice, whether small or big. Also, if you are planning a big event with vendors and services

    providers, and venues to think about, it is worth it. Hiring a planner removes stress off your shoulders. Also, for someone new to working out a wedding plan, hiring a wedding planner ensures a successful day.


    What is in a 12-month Planning Checklist?

    • Wedding budget and priorities

    • Your wedding guest list

    • Touring and booking of your wedding venue

    • Setting date

    • Wedding pin-interest board

    • Booking a photographer

    • Booking a planner or day-of coordinator depending on your budget

    • Buying and trying the wedding dress

    • Final perusal and confirmations


    What My Clients Say About Me...

    Couldn't be happier. Ryan was professional, courteous, and knowledgeable. I instantly knew I was in good hands. Did an excellent job at a fair price and educated me on proper care of my system along the way.

    Lisa H.

    Miami, Florida

    Couldn't be happier. Ryan was professional, courteous, and knowledgeable. I instantly knew I was in good hands. Did an excellent job at a fair price and educated me on proper care of my system along the way.

    Megan D.

    Miami, Florida

    "Couldn't be happier. Ryan was professional, courteous, and knowledgeable. I instantly knew I was in good hands. Did an excellent job at a fair price and educated me on proper care of my system along the way."

    Robert H.

    Miami, Florida


    Whether you are planning your wedding or hiring experts to help you, it is essential never to leave anything for the last minute. Better planners ensure everything is ready before the day of the wedding.

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